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Sunday, May 27, 2012


Last year I had the opportunity to ride in the Tour de Road America
For the last few years I was able to make a donation to the LIVESTRONG foundation through the Tour. Riding as many laps on the beloved track Road America!!  This year I would like to raise $2,000 to support the foundation.Follow this link if you would like to contribute to the foundation. LIVESTRONG GRASSROOTS FUNDRAISER. All donations made will be matched by a generous donor until 5/31/12!! TWICE AS STRONG!!! 

A little history in from my family.  Shortly after my wife and I were married my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. She lost her battle a few years later. I also have an aunt who was diagnosed with cancer and also lost her battle a couple short years later. 

Since that time I have had several family members and friends who have won their battles with cancer and some who have, unfortunately, lost. Cancer is now the worlds leading cause of death. However every year the technology that is being developed is helping prevent, or cure cancer like never before. Please consider making a donation today!!

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