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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Let it begin!!

Some of our plans have changed and we didnt have much time to get our things together. We are tapping our own trees this year, instead of just helping out on others.  I couldnt decide which heat source I wanted to go with, propane or wood. We are only doing 20 taps and aren't going too crazy. I did end up deciding this week we are doing wood and made a simple cinder block arch today. If we had known all along that we would be tapping our own trees. I would have made myself one of the sweet arches that I made for sale last year.  We tapped yesterday and checked this afternoon. Not much doing but weather wasn't prime either. We ended up with a gallon or so of sap so nothing worth cooking.  We did want to do a test boil on the arch to see how it was and what we need to tweak before the real stuff is on.  We had a good boil in about 25 minutes and hard boil in 30-35. This being said, I am not the best fire starter and some of that time was me trying to get the fire going. Gasket for the top is in order this week. Flue slots on the front plate, and dividers in the pan are also called for. Overall I'm satisfied with the start and look forward to the fun we will have this season.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shop pics

 A good friend of mine designed this label for me and we just received them back from printing. We are excited to have these on our pans from now on!!
 I got this idea from another blog of a fabricator who also works with stainless. Thought the concept was great. Saves paper, laquer thinner wipes it clean.
 This pan is for the same friend who designed the logo. He is a photographer and I thougt he would like the perspectives and abstract pics of this phase of the pan.  Its a 3 x 4 continuous flow pan with a draw off box.