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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our own private label coffee!!

I love great tasting coffee, and I guess I'm spoiled to have a small, locally owned, coffee shop in my back yard. So while I was working the other day(maybe under the influence of welding gas, and fumes) I thought about approaching the coffee house about roasting a custom taylored blend for Wegner Metal Works. Something that would taste great while sitting next to the arch, or in the sugar shack.  I met with Luna Cafe today and they are working on my blend. We will have the first samples on Monday, and will be offering a special sugarshack blend. It will be a medium to dark roast coffee. We will keep you posted.
This coffee shop roasts in house, and has been in business since 2000. They are a small business that I would like to keep going.  Franchises can come and go, but I respect the small businessman who sticks their necks out to make a go of it. Mark is doing a great job!

On another note:  We are running a promotion. Now til July 23rd( race day) we will be donating $10 from every sale to the Wounded Warrior Project. I am running in the Tough Mudder who is a supporter of this project, and I would like to make a bigger donation with your help.  Call or email us to place these orders as they will apply to non-ebay sales only.