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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

work work work

I've been working on some orders that have been trickling in. I have a new batch of metal coming in on Friday, and the new brake should be here sometime next week i'm hoping. I have a helper cutting all my hydrometer cups and am about halfway done with those.  Bob dropped his raised flue pan off the other day and we're scheming on how we're going to tackle making one like it.

The trip to Romania is just around the corner. We leave Friday, June 4th and will be gone until the 11th. Passport in hand, trip paid for, and now just counting down days. Looking forward to what God will do on this trip.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Draw off boxes

I have my draw off box mocked up now. Here's a pic of how it will look when welded on. I didn't weld it on yet because this customer didn't request it. I'm itching to get one welded on. I took a ride to a small sugarbush about 40 miles away and got a look at his waterloo/small raised flue pan he wants me to make one similar. I was glad to get some ideas for my float/ float box. I'm really looking forward to my new brake for doing flue pans.
I will have a draw off fitting welded low enough to get complete draw off.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Preparations for next season

Just because the season is over with and things have slowed down, doesn't mean I've been relaxing much. Ive been working on some improvements, and new designs for next season. I've purchased some new equipment and have been getting the shop ready for another busy year. I will post pictures as I have new equipment, and designs ready. I'm exploring credit card options for processing them. So I'm hoping to be able to accept credit cards by summers end. Stay tuned for new arrivals.