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Saturday, October 30, 2010

This week's update

This week a great deal of progress was made. I finished up a big order of pans, and will be shipping them out Monday. Since winter is just around the corner, I finished up the furnace project( upgraded ducting for more efficiency). Today I put to work the sketches,and cutting that I did this week.I was really happy with how things were fitting up considering this is the first modified edge that I made. This particular pan will have 3 dividers, and 2 float boxes. It is a 2 x 3 and is 10 " overall, 7" dividers. The customer is supplying their own floats. This style top adds a lot of strength to the sides of the pan.

Monday, October 25, 2010

credit cards

I am now able to directly accept credit cards. Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

I have the account set up, and may have to work out a kink or two, as I haven't used it yet. A little patience would be great as I step forward into this new territory. I'm glad to be free from Paypal, as not everybody has paypal accounts, and it has been a problem a few times.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Trickling orders

I've been plugging away in the shop. I made some good progress on Saturday. Last week I had a few orders. Thank you, Dan @ Glen Maple Products in NY. Planning on working all night tomorrow. Still working on my autocad skills....its been slow going. Abby is slowly feeling better with her bout of pneumonia. Tonight we cleaned up the yard, and took clippings, and plants to the yard waste center. I got a pan welded, and called it quits due to a sore back from a strenuous day at work.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Romania pictures

 Pizza place we ate at Saturday evening. Probably the best pizza I ever ate.

 Out of order picture, but we replaced every window in the 100 yr old building with high efficiency dual pane windows.

Matt mixing mortar for hanging the new insulation sheets we put on inside and outside walls. The building had no insulation.
The pit in the background was previously dug for the foundation for the new building. The planner didnt see that there were wells beneath the surface, and after digging, the pit filled with water. They ended up filling it after we left and pouring over the top.

 One evening we took the children out to the mall for dinner, from the orphanage that the church there operates.  These kids are so precious, and is disheartening to hear the abandonment from their parents, mostly for drugs or alcohol.

 We went out for an evening stroll downtown, this is essentially a barkless tree.
 Progress pics of interior plastering over the insulation sheets we installed. being that all their walls are block, they dont use rolled fiberglass batting like we do here.

 A picture of the attic, no insulation, just a stone/dirt floor.

 Im refraining to post too many pictures of the food, I took a lot, but it was SOOOO good.  Each meal was made fresh each day for us by the cook at the school.
 One whole block of graffiti on the wall.

Its kind of a long time out, but I've had a couple people ask about the Romania trip. I feel bad that I didnt post more pictures.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Its been somewhat of a busy week. I got some 16x30 pans welded and polished. Met with Doug who drove up from Michigan to look at his finish pan that got burned last season. Looking forward to making a replacement for him. Its going to stretch my creative bending skills. Learning new things is always challenging but fun. My friend lended me a copy of autocad, and have been playing with that. Getting ready to make some drawings to have my arch fronts laser cut.  My wife came down with pneumonia and this morning (Saturday) I'm spending a little extra time inside with the boys so she can get some extra rest.  Then its out to the shop. 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gearing up

Last weekend I delivered a stock order to Anderson's Maple Syrup, and enjoyed meeting Steve and getting the tour of his bottling operation and showroom. My TIG welder was broke down this week, and fixed yesterday. I have the 16x30 campstove pans made now and will be ready for sale starting Monday. I have a materials list together,and a rough drawing for our new Arch that we are shooting to be ready for sale by December.  Still getting fire brick prices so I can supply brick for it. The fronts will be laser cut. We are going back and forth on if it will be stainless or mild steel.