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Monday, April 16, 2012

Now what!?

Well as everybody experienced, it was a very short season. We didn't produce much syrup at all... A little disappointing but was a good R&D year for us with the equipment. Time to clean up the shop and start working on next year's products.  Being that I spent so many hours in the shop and working during the winter... I need something to get back in shape right?

Well this early warm weather has proven to be quite accomidating to my other favorite activity.... Cycling.Riding on a local team, the Titletown Flyers, puts me back to race diet and plenty of saddle time.

This weekend a few of us will be biking a 100 mile race called the Dairy Roubaix and will be a challenge. Mostly on gravel and maintanance roads, I will be riding my Cyclocross bike(pictured).  WORS is the big Wisconsin off road racing series and will be doing a few of those.  The ones I'm really excited about are the Wausau 24 hr race and the Chequamegon Fat Tire 40.

 This year I am working on making and racing my own bicycle frames.  Starting with chromoly until I finish my Titanium tig course in August. Then will be making custom Titanium and Chromoly frames.

As of now I am getting tooling and parts to complete my first frame. So kind of taking things as they go.

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