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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Finally, some pictures!!

I worked some long hours in the shop today. The last two days I've spent shearing and forming pans. So today I finished shearing and forming some pieces, and finally started welding them up.For those who have been following here is the progress I've made on the pans.

16 x 30 Pan for Chris/ Canton Variety

15 x 15 Finishing pans

27 x 48 divided pan for Scott-OH

2 x 3 divided pan for Nolan-IL

Preheater tacked

16 x 30 tacked

27 x 48 tacked for Scott

2 x 3 with preheater/ dividers to come

16 x 30 with preheater

"    "

Tomorrow I will be spending another long day in the shop, and will have more progress pictures.

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