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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend in the shop

Yesterday and today I spent some quality time in the shop. Yesterday my friend Jim came over and made a custom base for a vintage power hacksaw that he picked up on Craigslist, its a pretty interesting piece of equipment.

I got the dividers welded in and the ends welded on today, and got some more cups cut. Welding these dividers on the 22ga. sure are a challenge, and time consuming. I still have to weld the draw off fittings in, and the thermometer fitting.

I'm waiting on the thermometer fitting, along with a stock order of half couplings. I also ordered all the .25" stainless rod I need for the Hydrometer cups.

My positioner should be here monday, and soon after the stainless rod. So its going to be going full swing by the end of the week. Its pretty exciting to have more requests coming in for custom pans, and other stainless products.

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