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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Romania pictures

 Pizza place we ate at Saturday evening. Probably the best pizza I ever ate.

 Out of order picture, but we replaced every window in the 100 yr old building with high efficiency dual pane windows.

Matt mixing mortar for hanging the new insulation sheets we put on inside and outside walls. The building had no insulation.
The pit in the background was previously dug for the foundation for the new building. The planner didnt see that there were wells beneath the surface, and after digging, the pit filled with water. They ended up filling it after we left and pouring over the top.

 One evening we took the children out to the mall for dinner, from the orphanage that the church there operates.  These kids are so precious, and is disheartening to hear the abandonment from their parents, mostly for drugs or alcohol.

 We went out for an evening stroll downtown, this is essentially a barkless tree.
 Progress pics of interior plastering over the insulation sheets we installed. being that all their walls are block, they dont use rolled fiberglass batting like we do here.

 A picture of the attic, no insulation, just a stone/dirt floor.

 Im refraining to post too many pictures of the food, I took a lot, but it was SOOOO good.  Each meal was made fresh each day for us by the cook at the school.
 One whole block of graffiti on the wall.

Its kind of a long time out, but I've had a couple people ask about the Romania trip. I feel bad that I didnt post more pictures.

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