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Saturday, March 6, 2010

First week of march

Things have been steady at the shop. I've been selective on orders as to keep things moving smoothly. I've been sticking to standard size orders. This week we shipped out 10 orders early in the week. Wednesday I came down with the flu that the rest of the family had last week. So I didn't get anything done wednesday or thursday, but my helpers still came in and got some work done for me. Last night I did some ground work for today by tacking up 5 pans and welding a couple up. My friend Mark Hawkins came over and we drew up the plans for his 3x4 divided pan. We sheared, bent and tacked his pan together and if all goes well, I'll be working on that some more today.

This week I saw a video of one of my pans on the forum. Loun(screen name) posted it on his test fire. It was exciting to see some of my work put to use, and his block arch looks great.

Romania update.. I had a huge answer to prayer for funds being raised to go. I had a package that got damaged earlier in Feb. and UPS denied the claim(improperly packaged supposedly) so it was sent back to me and I made another for the customer. I considered it a loss, and scrapped it. Tuesday UPS sent me an email and called me saying that they reversed their decision and now will honor the claim, sending me the full invoice amount + shipping costs. How often does UPS do that?!! That was a huge blessing and now I have almost have the funds raised to go.

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