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Friday, October 30, 2009

Shop tour

It all begins at the shear. I've used many different means of cutting but a shear is by far the quickest, and most precise cut available to me right now. I will be using this until I have a million dollars to buy a laser table. My legs will be getting a workout.

New machinery always looks so crisp.

The back gauge is nice,but with the thin metal its not usable. So I have to hand measure every piece.

I love this new shear. The cuts are very precise.

On to the brake. This is a pretty versitile machine.

Double checking with the trusty tri square.

AND bend.

Notching is next. I have a jig made up so now there's less guess work, more consistancy.

Tig welding is the best way to make these pans. Soldering seems to give more problems down the road.

A good sharp tungsten

A needle point is a must to have good TIG welds

My favorite part of the whole process is welding it all together.

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