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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New shear

I was in serious need of a good method of cutting my sheetmetal without taking my metal to work. I tried a few things on some scrap pieces,but knew that a shear was the only way to go. I ended up getting a Tennsmith 56" 16 ga. shear. I looked at a few other brands, and didnt want a cheap one made in China. A few good friends of mine helped me unload this 900 lb. beast off the trailer tonight,and I can't wait to use it. Tomorrow should be a long day of shearing,and forming.


  1. wow, very nice- did you get it new or did you find a used one?

  2. I had to buy new. Nobody around here had any used ones, and I needed to make some pans for orders received this week. One good thing, my amazon card points are skyrocketing. Mark is coming over this morning to shoot some photos and help me get some things set up.