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Friday, December 18, 2009

Catch up pics...

I forgot to bring the camera in last night, and didn't feel like going back into the cold. So here are the pictures from yesterday.

My new buffer. My friend Mark Hawkins went in halves on this. He needs it for building his Ukes, and I need to buff the corners, and the hydrometer cups. So this works well.

My first stock order for Roth Sugarbush in Cadott. This shipped today.

Ready for packaging and shipment.

Today I spent a few hours cleaning and packaging the orders, and now off to ship them. I also received payment for another order going to Canada. This time its a little closer Quebec. Thanks Michel. So I will be posting progress soon.

Tomorrow I will be insulating the attic, and helping my brother in law with his also. I might get some real work done, who knows. At least I have ALL next week to make more progress. I sure do thank the Lord for the business I've had so far!!

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